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Canaan Union Station Photo Gallery

On September 9, 2016 the town broke ground at the Canaan Union Station for reconstruction and complete renovation of both building, parking and grounds.

While we are very excited to look forward to a fully restored Canaan Union Station we would also like to look back at the long and illustrious history of the Canaan Union Station.


To do that we need your help.

Please email your photos to us for this gallery. Just take a digital photo of your old snap-shot photo of the Station with your camera on your phone and email it to me! Or email me a newer digital photo of the Station that you have recently taken. Email it to me at and we will get it posted in the gallery. Please tell your friends and family too! By submitting photo(s) you authorize the use of the photo(s) to be posted in this gallery and on the Curtis Insurance Agency Facebook page and attest to your ownership of photo(s) for release and use on these websites/pages.

Don’t forget to keep track of the progress at Canaan Union Station with our webcam! Just go to Canaan Union Station Cam and see the renovation work “LIVE”!


Photo Gallery

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Canaan Union Station

Looking north









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Canaan Union Station

Circa 1970s

Station in Winter.

Winter art print.









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Passenger train arrives.

Commemorative plate.

Berkshire Line car.









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Berkshire Line cars.

Tower weather vane.

Winter tracks.









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Platform view.

Looking renewed.

Coming in.









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Waiting for the train.

Engine and crew circa 1905.

Station looking north.









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Go Canaan!






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Canaan Union Station Photo Gallery

Please email your photos to us for this gallery. CLICK HERE to find out how and view gallery!

Canaan Union Station Depot Photo Gallery from Curtis Insurance

Canaan Union Station Webcam

Watch the renovation action on our webcam! CLICK HERE to see what is going on!

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Canaan Union Station Webcam from Curtis Insurance