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The Canaan Union Depot Station

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Renovation begins at Canaan Union Station


It’s official let the work begin!

Keep track of the renovation work here via our webcam Webcam!
















Visit the Connecticut Railroad Historical Association website  at:

Canaan Union Station

“The Connecticut Historical  Railroad Association, INC. recently purchased the station after a huge fire nearly destroyed this historical landmark. This not for profit charitable organization is  in the works of reconstructing the station back to its original state. The estimated project cost is close to 2.2 million dollars in work and labor. Donations are needed. Please help on reconstructing this historical site that was so much a part of peoples lives and the heart of this small town.  …”

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The Canaan Union Depot


Visit the Canaan Union Depot Wikipedia page at


“… The Canaan Union Depot, also known as the Union Depot, is located in Canaan Village, in the town of North Canaan, Connecticut, and is a former union station. It was built in 1872 at the junction of the Housatonic Railroad[2] and the Connecticut Western Railroad which was acquired by the Central New England Railway. …” Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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New York Times: The View From/North Canaan; Fire Burns Old Station And Hits a Town’s Heart

Published: November 25, 2001

THERE is a blaze-burned hole in the center of North Canaan. No one was hurt in the fire, but many have been hurt by it, from business owners to employees to residents who no longer see what used to be.

Then there are the thousands who used to make the drive every year just to be near the Union Depot, to have lunch at the building that rests like an L where two rail lines meet. But after the early morning fire of Oct. 13 that destroyed much of the 130-year-old train station, passersby can only stop with their cameras and their memories, squint at the damage and mourn.

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Read more on the Ride The Harlem Line blog.

The rebirth of a train station: Canaan

“… I must admit, that first photograph makes me quite depressed. Thankfully there still are people out there that do in fact care about history (perhaps if you are reading this, you are one of them), and about this station. When I had made a mental list of train stations I wanted to visit in Connecticut, I left off Canaan. And it isn’t that I didn’t know about it – I had seen the photos of the fire! For some reason, in my head I believed that the station would be torn down and eventually forgotten. The happy thing I’ve discovered was that I was completely wrong… which I didn’t find out until I, in a random fluke, just happened to pass by it while in the car with my friend. Though the majority of the station was consumed by the fire, a portion of it did survive, and the remainder was being rebuilt. Although I don’t remember the station before (though my parents tell me that they had taken me there when I was a child), I am pleased that this station is being reborn, and will become beautiful once more.  …”

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Canaan Union Depot Railroad Station

“… It’s exciting to know that we are right now on the cusp of a full revitalization of the Station and surrounding Canaan. It is our intention to rebuild our “destination landmark” back to its full glory.  …”

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Canaan Union Station Webcam

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